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since today may 11th we are back open! usual days monday to saturday unusual time 12pm till 7pm walk ins are possible, but since we are not allowed to have too many people in the front, you might have to wait outside. so better write a specific mail and we will set an appointment as soon as possible with you or call us and ask how it looks like at the moment. there are some rules we have all to follow now: - wear a mask at all time - disinfect your hands, we have disinfectant ready at the entrance for you - keep your distance of at least 1,5m to everyone at the shop. only your tattooer is allowed to get closer to you. we provide enough space at the shop to apply to it. - try to avoid to come by public transport to your appointment - if you feel sick cancel your appointment. if you know someone who is sick and you had recently contact to that person, cancel. we will find another date with you. - come alone to your appointment, every other person is simply an unnecessary risk to everyone else. - if you are part of the "persons at risk" group, consider not to get tattooed at the moment. - eat and drink something at home. - use your toilet at home before coming. - please wash your hands after using the toilet. we are looking forward to see you!

Loki 3.8. - 8.8.

contact click on the pic for his instagram

Alvaro 15.8. - 22.8.

contact click on the pic for his instagram
Lonner II

Lonner 22.8 - 19.8

our dear friend Lonner is coming back and will stay for almost 4 weeks. click on the pic for his instagram and appointment inquieries.
anita II

Anita 9.9 - 13.9

Anita is coming back <3 click on the pic for her instagram and appointment inquiries.

Matt 11.9. - 15.9.

contact click on the pic for his instagram