Andrew Zelena

Andrew started tattooing in Budapest in 2002 and came to us in early 2017 for a guest spot. 1 week became 2, 2 became 4 and 4 became 8 weeks, by then it was absolutely sure that we would't be able to let our gentle giant go again.
Andrews style can be best described as anything you can call blackwork. From tribal and pattern work, dotwork and mandala pieces, to anything that needs to have sharp geometric shapes, long straight lines or he tiniest details as a fineline or single needle piece, he's your go-to guy. Andrew sets new standards to what a straight line means in tattooing or how tiny somethig can be and still heal up the way you want it.
Even though Andrew usually likes to tattoo in just black, you will find the occasional colour piece in his portfolio.

Instagram: @andrewztattoos